About and Releases

Back from the grave tapes is a small cassette label. It took form after I fell back in love with this analogue medium again and discovered that the cassette was still very much alive in the (metal) underground.

Since you can do very limited runs it's ideal to do this as a hobby, because that's just what it is. I do all kinds of metal because that's what I listen to myself, I can go from Black to Doom to Old school Death metal and that's what I like to do with the label to. 

Before this label I ran a cult and horrormovie webstore for years and since the love for horror movies never dies I'm currently looking into the possibilities to release a movie soundtrack to cassette.


BFTG 01 - Burning - The P.I.D. files (Sold out!)
50 copies on fluor yellow cassette
NWOBHM (Netherlands)

BFTG 02 - Objector - Social Intolerance
100 copies on fluor transparant orange cassettes
Thrash Metal (Belgium)

BFTG 03 - Vomitheist - Graveyard Flesh Orgy (Sold out!)
50 copies on clear transparant cassettes with gold liner.
Old School Death Metal (Zwitserland)

BFTG 04 - Nostos - Misfortune EP
66 copies on white cassettes
Black Metal (Brazil)

BFTG 05 - Levendleed - Demo (Sold out!)
50 copies on black cassettes
Depressive Black Metal (Netherlands)

BFTG 06 - Omgeving - Wijde Wijdte
10 Special editions walnut boxes with USB, white cassettes (Sold out!)
50 copies smokey grey cassettes
Space, Doom, Black metal (Netherlands)

BFTG 07 - Overruled - Hybris
60 copies Orange brick (Sold out!)
60 copies Blue
Speed/Thrash metal (Netherlands)

BFTG 08 - Debasement - Demo 2019
30 copies DIY black tapes with stickers (Sold out!)
Slam, Grind (Australia)

BFTG 09 - Burning - Nightmares
100 copies on transparant green, with tape exclusive live track!
NWOBHM (Netherlands)

BFTG 10 - Doodsangst - Discography 2012 - 2019
10 walnut wood boxes with USB, clear cassettes with grey liner. (sold out!)
50 copies black cassettes
Atmospheric black metal (Belgium)

BFTG 11 - Dwaellicht - Te vuur en te zwaard (Sold out!)
50 copies on transparant purple cassettes
Funeral Doom (Belgium)

BFTG 12 - Levendleed - Algehele Malaise
15 black tin boxes with sticker, patch and buttons. (Sold out!)

35 copies black tapes with full body prints
Depressive black metal (Netherlands)