Déhà / Humanity Defiled - So humanity burns

Déhà / Humanity Defiled - So humanity burns

For this split album two of the best one man death metal acts in Europe teamed up, and not only to do their part of the the album separately!

When we first started talking about a split on Back from the grave tapes it was going to be a 2 or 3 song ep which we would release on some spare tapes we had left from another release. I asked if the artist had something unreleased laying around, just a quick, funny little release. But somehow ideas started to flow and new songs would be written and recorded for this release! It didn't take long for Déhà to volunteer to not only do his own vocals but also for the Humanity Defiled part.

The guys went to write songs (and not a week later Déhà sends us his 4 killer songs!), so goodbye EP and welcome split album!

Here you have a 7 song split album full of Death Metal.
Where Déhà channels 90's Death metal you can also hear some thrash metal in the riffs and there's also some thrashy energy going on for sure.

Humanity Defiled's riffing is unmistakably Death metal but you can also hear the hardcore roots shining through which results in some mega heavy but also catchy songs. Don't think catchy means happy though! You won't smile once the doomy and dark 9 minutes closing song ends! You will hit play again!